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  • iDashboards is a data visualization software company headquartered in Troy, Michigan. With a mission to make data easier to understand, iDashboards has created a comprehensive business intelligence solution comprising data aggregation, preparation, analysis, visualization and reporting. This tool helps businesses overwhelmed by data to transform their traditional reporting into engaging and interactive dashboards.
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  • Partnership with Naveego Adds Another Dimension to the iDashboards Software Solution
  • iDashboards today announced their strategic partnership with Naveego, a software product company. This partnership will improve iDashboards' data visualization offerings and deliver additional value to their clients by helping them solve any data accuracy issues that may hinder their ability to accurately report, visualize, and analyze their company's data.
  • TROY, Michigan – iDashboards, a data reporting and visualization software company, today announced their strategic partnership with software product c ...
  • October 29, 2019