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  • i-Jet Media is an international social games distribution network. Its portfolio includes 70 games by various developers published in 30 social networks all over the world, and over 60 million users. Nowadays, the company takes an active part in developing European and Asian markets as well as mobile social games service.
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  • i-Jet Media Publishes Social Games in Korea and Vietnam
  • i-Jet Media, which is is one of the world's largest distribution networks and publishers of social games, launched social applications on another two Asian social networks. Wild West Trains and Airport were published on Vietnam's social network, and Farm of Happiness was made available on South Korea's Cyworld ( In this way, the company continues its expansion into local markets.
  • May 05, 2011
  • Owners of i-Jet Media Sell 25 Per Cent of Company
  • The largest social games publisher and distributor in Russia and Eastern Europe, i-Jet Media, holds negotiations over selling 25 per cent of the company. Meantime, a delegation of Silicon Valley business leaders and venture capitalists lead by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger arrived to Russia with a visit on Sunday.
  • October 12, 2010