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  • Mason Stevenson
  • 1410 N Westshore Blvd, 510
  • Phone: 6462535518
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  • The HR Exchange Network in an information resource website for HR professionals. We provide articles, news, interviews, videos, webinars, podcasts, reports, white papers, and infographics for anyone looking for the latest information and trends in the human resources space.
Hr Exchange Network Press Release -

  • HR Exchange Network Announces 2nd edition of HR and Future of Work Online Event
  • This free-to-attend event allows attendees to dial in from the comfort of their desks and listen to HR leaders live or on demand. HR and Future of Work is the place to find the latest trends, strategies and advice on preparing your workforce for the future now.
  • The future of work is now and no one knows it more than human resources. The work has become more strategic and less transactional - a change driven b ...
  • February 13, 2020