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  • Have you ever wondered about the origin of life from the nebula to the cell? This is a huge journey that has taken millions of years. Thanks to evolution, there are now many forms of life on Earth... but is it only on Earth? According to string theory, we%u2019re not alone in this universe, this universe is not the only one of its kind. Remember: reality is not all that it seems. Sound intriguing? The HOWEVER channel will help you find out everything you want to know the answer to.
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  • New YouTube Series ‘However’ Launched to Answer Universal Questions
  • A new YouTube series titled ‘HOWEVER’ focuses on technologies, science fiction, hypothetical scenarios, scientific phenomena, and the study of the universe.
  • ‘HOWEVER’ is a new YouTube channel series focusing on making interesting and complex things easier to understand for vast and diverse audiences. Exis ...
  • January 13, 2021