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  • Dean Hoffman
  • 3602 Golfview Drive
  • Phone: 717-732-1319
  • URL: http://www.hoffmanassetmanagement.com
  • Hoffman sees managed futures again stealing the spotlight in the market in coming years. "2010 has just recently begun to see the raised volatility usually associated with trending markets," says Hoffman. For more information please visit http://www.HoffmanAssetManagement.com
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  • Hoffman Asset Management Launches Managed Futures Program to Overcome the "Small Account Conundrum"
  • Award winning Commodity Trading Advisor Dean Hoffman, through his firm Hoffman Asset Management, is launching a managed futures product for smaller investors. "This is an underserved market, as most programs have $1,000,000 minimums," says Hoffman.
  • High level managed futures investing has essentially been reserved for wealthy individuals and corporations with minimum accounts of $1,000,000 being ...
  • September 14, 2010