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  • Jharna
  • Phone: 89288 24660
  • URL: http://wwwhttp://hockeycurve.com/
  • Since 2016, HockeyCurve is a leading global marketing-tech provider. It has created a diversified range of technology first advertising solutions to help brands create effective digital marketing campaigns. The product suite includes a custom ad server, a recommendation engine and a dynamic creative suite.
Hockeycurve Press Release -


  • Hockeycurve Launches DCO Packages for Elections Result Day
  • Hockeycurve has signed up ZEE5 and is in conversation with several other OTT and news platforms for this offering.
  • Hockeycurve, a leading marketing technology startup, has launched Dynamic Creative (DCO) Packages for digital news publishers to capitalize the Electi ...
  • May 22, 2019