High Levels of Radon In Portland Oregon

Top Quote A new study indicates a higher risk associated with radon in Portland Oregon. It shows one in four Portland homes have radon levels above the recommended EPA action level. End Quote
    Quote According to Aaron Jones of SWAT Environmental, homes in Portland Oregon should be tested for radon regardless of the type or age of the home. Quote
  • Portland-Vancouver, OR-WA (1888PressRelease) April 17, 2014 - High Levels of Radon In Portland, Oregon

    Radon in Portland Oregon homes has been an issue in the past. The problem has recently become a greater issue. Recent findings have shown the levels of radon are much greater.

    Causes of radon in Portland Oregon

    The level of radon in Portland Oregon homes has risen due to flooding. Uranium in the soil decays, and radon is released. Flooding has caused the severe increase because more radon has made it's way into the water systems.

    Homes are affected by radon in Portland Oregon

    Exposure to radon in Portland Oregon homes is greatest in the basement. The radon seeps in through cracks in concrete or foundations. Once inside, the radon rises up, and eventually makes it's way out through the attic. Because of such high levels of radon in Portland Oregon, the air is unstable, as well.

    How radon in Portland Oregon affects the homeowners

    One in four homes has radon in Portland Oregon. Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer for smokers and the first for non-smokers. There are such high levels of radon in Portland Oregon that most of the city is at risk. Even if the radon level is low, the homeowner can still get lung cancer.

    Detecting radon in Portland Oregon

    While radon in Portland Oregon is a serious issue, it can be detected and the problem brought to a minimum level. Radon testing kits are available for purchase for around $14.00 to $35.00. A homeowner can use the kit themselves to check the level before calling an expert. Since levels of radon in Portland Oregon are so high, each homeowner should test their home. If radon is detected, it is best to call a professional.

    Radon levels tend to be higher in the winter due to homes being closed off. This is another reason radon in Portland Oregon homes tends to have higher levels. The cold winters cause homes to be closed off longer.

    Radon in Portland Oregon causes higher health risks

    Due to higher levels of radon in Portland Oregon, homeowners and their families are at a higher risk for health issues. The greatest risk is lung cancer. But radon can cause other health issues. Emphysema, pulmonary fibrosis and other respiratory problems have been associated. There are no warning signs of radon. Health has generally deteriorated before a person detects the problem.

    Radon in Portland Oregon can be managed

    There are ways to contain radon and live in a healthy environment. Cracks in foundations or walls can be sealed. If the problem is serious enough, a radon mitigation system can be installed. Radon will then be channeled away from the home. Proper ventilation also helps. Because of the serious nature of radon in Portland Oregon, it is advised to have early detection, and implement measures to prevent more problems.


    Radon is an issue that homeowners should consider whether purchasing or owning a home. The levels of radon in Portland Oregon have increased substantially over the years, and each homeowner should take action. Everyone is affected, including children and animals.

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