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  • Glenn Werstler
  • Phone: 330-313-1831
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  • Page Gravy was formed as a joint venture between Hank Kozub and Glenn Werstler in June 2007. Hank is the President of Aircraft Sales, Incorporated, with his forte in sales and management, and has experience working with film. Glenn has been involved in web programming since 1995, a marketing manager for over 15 years and a successful e-commerce entrepreneur.

    The pair recognizes the power and concept of this medium, and is blazing a trail as pioneers in this arena. They understand that businesses need a unique way to set themselves apart from the competition, and they believe in giving the costumer a solid, unique product at an affordable price.
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  • Kris-Leigh to Offers Tips for Effective Communication with Seniors
  • Kris-Leigh Assisted Living understands that in communication, there may be limitations that get in the way. There are ways to increase effective communication with an elder loved one. Communication can be very simple. Someone says something, and another person interprets and understands what they meant. Of course, not all communication goes so smoothly.
  • November 22, 2011
  • Everything’s Better With A Little “Gravy”
  • Page Gravy is a new, innovative way to introduce products and services to the masses. A video actor will “pop” into a company’s website to push a concept. A 30-second video runs $399; a 60-second video runs $499. The Page Gravy team is dedicated to the client through all aspects of the project.
  • November 07, 2007