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High Art Information
  • Noa Commenador
  • 301 East Todd Rd.
  • Phone: 7079740624
  • URL: http://wwwnaturalcannabis.com/highart
  • HIGH ART, the worlds first cannabis-inspired art competition is entering its 5th year. Thousands of artists from over 60 countries entered just last year!

    IT IS COMPLETELY FREE to enter to anyone over the age of 18!

    THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO WIN an epic $25,000 GRAND PRIZE, our largest ever!

    Your mission is simple. With cannabis as your muse (but not required), create an inspiring work of art with the theme of %u201CFreedom.%u201D How you interpret the theme is up to you!

    Submissions begin on Tuesday, February 20, 2018 at naturalcannabis.com/highart !

    Get ready!
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