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  • StarSociety Shines a Light for American Talent
  • Today it is the turn of the land of the free and the home of the brave to get their StarSociety. Following the successful UK launch of StarSociety; a new online database of global talent and skills for the creative industries, performers and skilled individuals, it is now the turn of the talented folk of America to be offered StarSociety as an invaluable free resource.
  • StarSociety will enable those including actors, models, musicians and sports stars to be sought from around the world by professionals such as produce ...
  • September 05, 2009 
  • StarSociety - Their Mission to Unite an Industry Begins in The UK Today
  • Today sees the launch of with a free 6 month trial offered to all those it promises to help. StarSociety will serve as a global media rich directory for the entertainment and creative industries. Rather than following the standard listings model, the user will have a full 360 degree platform (which enables users to upload audio and visual material, as well as written materials
  • The creative team at StarSociety have worked in the creative and entertainment industries for all of their lives and personally know how hard it can b ...
  • August 17, 2009