Helpful Hints for Preventing Red, Itchy, Watery Eye Allergy Problems This Pollen Season

Top Quote "While the mild central Massachusetts winter has been welcomed by all us, for those folks who typically suffer from spring pollen red, itchy, watery eye allergies-watch out!," cautioned Ophthalmologist Francis D'Ambrosio, Jr., M.D. End Quote
  • Boston, MA-NH (1888PressRelease) April 12, 2016 - "When we have mild winters like this past one, it generally leads to an earlier allergy season in New England," explained Dr. D'Ambrosio Jr. "We are already starting to see people complaining of the typical sore throat feeling along with the red, itchy watery eyes we know starts with the increase in pollen in the air," he further explained. The eye doctors at D'Ambrosio Eye Care offered some helpful hints for steps we can take to be as comfortable as possible and hopefully avoid the worst of the eye allergy symptoms. Overall, the best approach is to try and reduce your exposure to pollen by considering the following:

    Tips to Avoid Eye Allergies and Pollen Exposure

    >Monitor the pollen count and if excessively high delay or avoid outdoor activity. By visiting The Weather Channel you can easily find your local pollen count. Do use some common sense precautions so that on in windy days, especially during daylight hours when flowers and plants have their petals fully open you avoid outdoor activities.

    >Wear large wraparound sunglasses to prevent pollen from getting into your eyes and tear film. It's helpful to also wear brimmed hats and even headscarves to prevent pollen from getting into your hair so you don't inadvertently bring pollen inside and even get it on your pillow, linens, towels and washcloths.

    >Even though the sunny warm spring weather may seem attractive, keep your car windows closed while traveling.

    >Be sure to wash your hands and any exposed skin areas frequently-especially after being outdoors. Believe it or not it's easy to accumulate a fine layer of pollen on your skin.

    >If you are a contact lens wearer, use daily disposable contacts. Pollen sticks easily to any moist surface such as contact lenses-as well as your eyes, nose and throat.

    >Rinse your eyes frequently with sterile saline or water if you have been outside and exposed to pollen.

    If you are suffering from itchy, watery eyes and are uncomfortable, see an eye doctor. There are many very effective eye drops we can prescribe. If necessary we can help reduce eye allergies by identifying those substances that you are most allergic to through in office "no injection" skin testing. To schedule an appointment, please call us at 800-325-3937, visit D'Ambrosio Eye Care, Google+ , visit our eye care blog or so that we can help.

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