Health Reform And The Waiting Game

Top Quote Health reform seems to be on the cusp of either monumental change or a political nightmare for everyone. During the interim of the debate many people are making the wrong decision to be without and coverage. What is even more distressing is how many people without coverage actually could get free or subsidized medical insurance but are instead waiting for a Washington Hail Mary. End Quote
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  • Miami, FL (1888PressRelease) August 31, 2009 - In the midst of the health reform legislation "negotiation" it has become fairly evident that many families and individuals are either delaying the purchase of health insurance or even canceling their existing health insurance. When asked why the response usually includes the words free, government, and health insurance.

    People are confused by the propaganda being proffered by both sides and are not even aware that there is not yet a finished bill even ready to be voted on, much less that the entire issue was put on hold for a vacation! Whatever your political views are and no matter your stance on this health reform issue it is of utmost importance to neither cancel your existing coverage, or put off obtaining health insurance during the health reform debate.

    Florida health insurance broker has been quite vocal in their support for health reform as they make it quite clear that without cost controls the economy cannot sustain the growth of the health care industry including health insurance. East Coast Health Insurance has even gone so far as to offer the current public health program guides on their website as it is quite evident that the existing assistance programs are under different government agencies and thus there is no cooperation between them. This makes it nearly impossible to navigate from a Medicaid or Social Security plan to a local community health plan which are usually administered by non profit hospitals.

    "The danger of canceling your medical insurance policy or going without health coverage are very understated, as once you develop a condition it will become impossible to insure yourself with the current laws on the books," says Alan Weitz a broker with East Coast Health Insurance.

    "Furthermore, everyday that passes make it less likely that any bill is going to pass at all and with special interests groups being so powerful in this particular debate it is likely that should a bill pass it will once again reward the prosperous at the expense of the majority. We are not afraid of universal health coverage as we can easily expand our life insurance division, but what scares us and should scare every American is a bill being passed that will do further damage to the economy and to the people that are currently without health coverage or worse without jobs."

    Many people have already let their policies lapse understandably in this depression, but if you are currently without benefits there is a solution right now for nearly 40% of the uninsured in America. Most people don't know that they qualify for assistance and which programs they qualify for. In Florida at least East Coast Health Insurance is trying to fix this.
    http://ECHealthInsurance has written a guide to obtaining public assistance programs in Florida at their website as well as offering all Florida health insurance quote and plan information. They also are on the cutting edge of health reform and are now affiliated with the Cover Florida plans as well as the new Miami-Dade Blue plan which they hope is part of the answer to the health reform debate.

    Their Miami Health Insurance section also includes a listing of every free clinic and social service in Miami Dade County.

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