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  • Justin Poet
  • URL: http://www.hastooffer.com
  • At HasToOffer.com, we took the convenience of a local Classifieds website and combined it with the fun and excitement of an Online Auction site. Its easy, fun and best of all... Free. Everything is local so there is no shipping required. Buyers can bid, win and then pay at pick-up.

    Have something to sell?... post your items and start your very own online auction easily. Looking to buy?... bid on your favorite auction items and if you win, you can pay when you pick-up the item from the seller.
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  • Exclusive Online Classifieds Experience Launches in Greater New York City
  • HasToOffer.com has just launched their free hyper-local auction style classifieds site in the heart of "Silicon Alley"... Greater New York City.
  • The latest internet concept has once again come out of the New York City area. HasToOffer.com has chosen Greater New York as the location for their fi ...
  • March 17, 2012