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Harlequins Enigma Information
  • Aage Riisnes
  • blombakkane 25, bergen, norway
  • Phone: 4798152524
  • URL: http://www.harlenia.com
  • harlequins enigma is a band. it was founded in 2008 by owner åge riisnes. the compose music in multiple genres. katie leung, sara jensen & elin berge has been involved in coops with åge, & sometimes with other so many times, that they might be looked upon as co-members of the band. harlequins enigma also produces music videos. harlequins enigma has played with international professionals & have numerous recording out on minor & major mp3 stores.
Harlequins Enigma Press Release -


  • harlequins enigma release doveboys & cowgirls ep - a quality product in 2017
  • despite mental bruises, aage riisnes owner of harlequins enigma release an honest attempt at a quality album in their doveboys & cowgirls ep feat. sara jensen & katie leung.
  • The tattering norm is a new age/dance mix, which was released just about the time at the #manchester incident, & informs that the world norm is fading ...
  • July 04, 2017
  • Harlequins Enigma Owner Announces New Solo Album
  • the seeker åge riisnes owner of harlequins enigma wants a new approach via a solo album to gain recognition in his work. "age (own compositions) is now released via his distributor cdbaby.
  • The collection which is a double album, is spread in multiple genres including hiphop, pop, dance, new age, electronica, soundtrack & rock. According ...
  • October 01, 2013