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  • Anatoliy Golod
  • Kirpichnaya 43, Kirpichnaya 43
  • Phone: 4957604918
  • URL:
  • The General Universal Information Defense Excellent Service (GUIDES) was created to make good relations, good situations in society in all countries, to make good situations worldwide. Anatoliy Golod (the Creator, the General Director), birth date 08.08.1980, has a diploma with honors and a Ph.D. (Philosophy Doctor) title.
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  • Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, Anatoliy Golod can Meet to do World Good
  • When people read the news how GUIDES (General director in GUIDES: Anatoliy Golod) from Russia helped to Donald Trump on elections, people like original version: Donald Trump have got new father, who has arranged the son on prestigious work: President in USA. Maybe Donald Trump will meet Anatoliy Golod to do more good results for good relations in the world.
  • People think that Presidents have much information, but you should know, that few advisors (or their department's members who give them information) c ...
  • December 17, 2017