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  • 933 Mamaroneck Ave Mamaroneck, NY
  • Phone: 914-777-3269
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  • "Guardian Advocate Group, Llc consistent track record of uncompromising ethics, integrity and trust is unsurpassed. We respond quickly and give you the most efficient and personally tailored service available in the industry today. We know that many Americans face difficult times and individual hardship. We are highly successful in assisting in the home loan modification process."
Guardian Advocate Group Press Release -

  • Home Loan Modification with Forensic Loan Audit Stop Foreclosure
  • Homeowners have leverage in the campaign to stop foreclosures. Guardian Advocate Group, Llc has launched a new weapon against lenders to help in the home loan modification process called a forensic loan audit. These audits are performed by a CPA or an Attorney prior to submitting an application to your bank lender.
  • Through the Forensic Loan Audit, Guardian Advocate Group, Llc is offering clients a way to have leverage in order to help them obtain a Loan Modifica ...
  • August 30, 2009