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Greg Furie, Artist Information
  • Greg Furie
  • Phone: 904-613-0133
  • URL: http://eyeofthesoul.org
  • Greg Furie channeled the first and only soul ever documented in a painting. Channeling an actual soul in art is the equivalent of Albert Einstein's equation E=MC^2. Please take a look at the soul as soon as possible.
Greg Furie, Artist Press Release -


  • Artist Greg Furie Channels The First and Only Soul Ever Documented In A Painting
  • What Greg Furie has accomplished in art is equivalent to Albert Einstein's equation E=MC^2. A psychic medium was able to do a reading on the soul Furie channeled in his painting.
  • What would lead Furie to believe he could channel a soul in a painting? A Spiritual Awakening he had 25 years ago. Water damage from a storm seeped th ...
  • September 29, 2013