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  • Segolene Roche
  • URL: http://www.gostai.com
  • Gostai is a Paris-based editor of innovative software for robotics & AI. Gostai%u2019s flagship is Urbi, an open source, flexible, modular and innovative solution for robot operating control, which is compatible with Linux, Windows or real-time operating systems. Gostai also develops Gostai Studio, a suite of graphical programming tools for robotics and complex system, GostaiRTC, which extends Urbi with standard interfaces like RTC for the industry, and the GostaiNet cloud computing architecture for robotics.
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  • Gostai Jazz Robots Give CeBIT A Taste Of Science-Fiction
  • Gostai will present a brand new version of its Jazz mobile telepresence robot at CeBIT. For this occasion, Jazz features a new design with an LCD screen. It is the first time Gostai shows this design on an international scale.
  • CeBIT is the place to be to show cutting edge technologies. Gostai takes this opportunity to showcase its Jazz robot with a brand new LCD screen in Ha ...
  • February 24, 2011
  • Gostai organizes the first Urbi Open Source Contest
  • Gostai decided to make its Urbi operating system open source in May. To support this release and stimulate the Urbi programming community, Gostai now organizes a free contest based on Urbi open source.
  • Paris, France - Gostai, the editor of innovative software for robotics & AI, decided to open Urbi's code base to the community in May, 2010. To suppor ...
  • September 17, 2010