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  • Kathy Jodrey
  • 7100 Pleasant Valley Rd, Suite 201
  • Phone: 772-202-8111
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  • Appusend has developed a communications app, KnoMe, that will revolutionize the way we communicate. Due to its versatility, simplicity and customization features, KnoMe is a must have for all businesses, regardless of vertical.

    Appusend pays customers for referrals, and offers a limited time business opportunity for those who are seeking additional income. Learn how you can capitalize on the product and affiliate model on the Take the Tour page at Press Release -

  • KnoMe Release - Revolutionizing Communication in Today's Mobile Era
  • KnoMe, a new mobile app that will change the way we communicate, has launched for customer beta distribution. Customers will be paid for referrals, and a brand partner affiliate program is available for a limited time to those who would like to profit by being among the first to market and helping to explode product growth.
  • On June 24, 2015 Appusend LLC, an Ohio based company, launched their highly anticipated app KnoMe, currently in beta status. KnoMe will change the way ...
  • June 26, 2015