Geometric Data Display Revolution, A First In 560 Years. The 3rd Generation Shape Based Data Display Invention Now Market Ready

Top Quote A South-African inventor has invented and patented (what he refers to as) a 3rd generation shape based display technology where the information is displayed as geometric shapes. This innovative concept, a World first in display technology, is unique in that it does not require any reading. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) March 02, 2007 - Centurion, South Africa. 2 March - In the last 560 years virtually no improvements have been made on the basic display of information. The traditional concept of the steam gauge is still largely unchanged from the original invention. Mechanics may have given way to electronics, but the basic bar graph and steam gauge displays still require information to be read and interpreted.

    The human brain is programmed for shape recognition. As a result, the Geometrica shape based technology is a superb interface between man and machine. There is no longer any need to read or interpret information, making Geometrica -based displays fast and accurate. Just as we are able to recognize a face in a room full of others, our brain can instantly recognize a shape, and we only need to see it in peripheral vision. A person can remain focused on a primary task like driving, and at the same time perceive changes in a geometric figures shape, size and colour, without taking his or her eyes off the road.

    How does this work? Take a circular shape and have its radius represent speed. A small radius represents a low speed. As the speed increases, the radius expands and the circle gets bigger.

    To represent multiple variables as a single status, take a triangle. The length of each leg represents a temperature or some other value. As the value increases the triangle leg extends in length. We now select the scale for each leg so that the desired nominal value, or range of values, results in a specific leg length. This value (scale???) may be different for each leg.

    When all the values for the three legs are within the nominal range, the legs form an unbroken triangle and the sides (three legs) are coloured green. As soon as a value is outside its nominal range, the corresponding leg changes length and colour.

    It is now possible to convert data to status information using this technology and have a single point to monitor very complex systems, anything from factories to nuclear submarines. This technology has applications in the automotive, military, aircraft, industrial, medical, instrumentation and many other sectors.

    Interview Contact:
    Sarel P Wagner,
    Inventor Geometrica
    Patent Pending various Countries,
    RSA Pending 2007/00659

    Telephone: +27 82 440-0191
    email: sarel.wagner ( @ ) gmail dot com

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    102 Golf Avenue,
    Centurion South Africa 0157
    Voice 082 440-0191 (South Africa +27 82)

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