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  • Jasmine Lowe
  • 1561 Orangethorpe Ave. #205 Fullerton, CA
  • Phone: 714-738-6462
  • URL: http://gcamplasma.com/
  • GCAM, Inc. (GCAM) is an affiliate company of GC Pharma, which became the first company in South Korea and the sixth company in the world to establish a plasma fractionation plant in 1971. GCAM and GC Pharma are a part of the Green Cross Holdings Corporation, which manufactures medicines and medical supplies. GCAM%u2019s centers pride themselves on harvesting quality plasma in a pleasant, relaxing environment, and its focus is on donor safety and satisfaction.
Gcam, Inc. Press Release -


  • GCAM Joins The CoVig-19 Plasma Alliance
  • GCAM, INC, has joined an unprecedented Plasma industry collaboration and will be actively recruiting to collect convalescent Plasma from recovered COVID-19 individuals to be used in experimental treatments for patients who are experiencing serious complication from COVID-19.
  • May 12, 2020
  • GCAM Hosts Career Fair for New Plasma Center in Brownsville, TX
  • GCAM is hosting a career fair for its new plasma center in Brownsville, TX. GCAM is aware that without its passionate team of professionals, plasma protein therapies used to treat a number of rare, chronic, conditions would be unavailable to those patients who need them to survive.
  • August 17, 2018