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  • Carolus Stoop
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  • GaleriaZero -contemporary art is a curator and promoter of international art events. We promote and encourage visual artists by means of exhibitions and other relevant resources.
    GaleriaZero - situated in The Netherlands, has started its activities of international promotion for artists in 1994 under the name of International Art Collective and with the aim to break borders.Again is the idea of an international artistic groupment becoming actual. Specially because of the increasing resources of art promotion, the changing functionality of art galleries and the monopolisation somehow of the art industry.We think that the independence of artists is the most appreciated value.
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  • GZ-BASEL 2018 - International Art Event during the Basel Art Week 14 - 17 June GZ-BASEL 2018 14 - 17 June 2018
  • International collective event of contemporary art for artists. An der Messe, Schönaustrasse 10 , 4058 Basel , Switzerland. Curated and organized by GaleriaZero from The Netherlands. In collaboration with Dorint -Hotels & Resorts Theme: Theme: Art experience. The new priority Here below you may find a list of selected artists and further info.
  • Selected artists:

    Pey Chwen Lin Karel Stoop Arnaud Lacoste Marco Guglielmi Goran Makeski George R ...
  • June 07, 2018