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  • Joe McFerrin
  • Phone: 225-435-4399
  • URL:
  • Boosted by a social calendar that covers the entire U.S. territory, FYIfly is the fastest route to learn and share about new events, clubs, bands, festivals, or any other upcoming gatherings, and share on Facebook.
Fyifly Press Release -

  • FYIfly.Com Launches Social Event Calendar: Integrates City-By-City Event Guide With Facebook
  • With 600 million users on Facebook, posting updates on their wall is the way many Americans share information. FYifly is the world's first social calendar integrated with Facebook, helping users find events and share their plans over Social Media.
  • Company CEO Joe McFerrin today announced the nationwide roll-out of FYifly, an online application keeping you informed about what is going on in your ...
  • February 18, 2011