From Earth's Northernmost Bank, To Southernmost Tip Of The Lighthouse Are Using "Real" Lock, "Real Lock" Has Sold More Than 130 Countries

Top Quote REAL's locks are sold to more than 130 countries worldwide and their achievements have been proven by their winning more than 40 international awards (IF, reddot, Golden Pin, Sold Secure, CE) and possession of 90 patents. End Quote
    QuoteREAL has been focusing on promoting their brand name by winning design awards containing (IF, reddot, Golden Pin, Sold Secure, CE) and possessing 90 pQuote
  • (1888PressRelease) November 04, 2010 - REAL Padlock with Chubb Locks. More than thirty years ago, a three hundred year-old lock master, Chubb Group from England, contacted REAL for padlock designs after their engineers spent half a year trying to find technical solutions without results. How do you input two metal balls in the padlock both side close to the key hold and at the same they don't slide out? REAL integrated mould design engineers and padlock design engineers with years' of lock cylinder experience to make the locks that met their goals. Chubb was thrilled with REAL's great performance, so they granted REAL with the logo on the locks. And the Chubb locks have become one of REAL's best accomplishments. See more detail about this padlock please visit our website.

    REAL Meets The Largest Wooden Locker Supplier in U.S. Hardware Show. Every year, there are a great number of exhibitors and more than 27,000 industry professionals who attend the Chicago Hardware Show, and REAL participates to showcase their award-winning locks. REAL challenged visitors to break its locks - whoever breaks the lock can win US$ 5,000. Everyday there were thousands of people who tried to break the lock and win the money, and among all of the thousands of competitors, only one candidate did it. The biggest wooden locker and cabinet lock maker in U.S., whose clients include world-class country clubs, hotels, spas, athletic teams and facilities, ski lodges, and governments and municipalities, has been REAL's best partner for more than twenty years. Because of the exhibition, not only did REAL earn a trustworthy partner, their brand name had become widely known in the marketplace regardless of whether you're in U.S. or in Taiwan.

    REAL's Cam Locks, Mailbox Locks for Government Residential Units in Singapore. In Singapore, REAL obtained a government project, which was to make mailbox locks for Singaporeans who live in government built residential units. The Singapore government requested mailbox locks that meet the Royal Navy Design Standards, so in order to meet the requirement; REAL's customized cam locks were certified to meet the requirement. Since there 70% of apartments are government-made in Singapore, every Singaporean knows REAL for having the lock in their hand every day for 20 years. In the end, REAL has become a must-buy brand when purchasing a cam lock because of its guaranteed quality.

    REAL Payphone Lock For Siemens. The Siemens Elasa is one of the world's largest producers of public telephones, and for public payphone security reasons, they were sourcing for a quality payphone lock manufacturer. They spotted REAL's cam locks from other payphone companies, and that made them approach REAL for payphone lock solutions. Siemens Elasa acquired a payphone lock that meets their high standards, which is unbreakable with great temperature tolerance and an effective key management system. Years later, despite the merger between Siemens Elasa and Siemens A.Ş., they still continue to purchase payphone locks from REAL. Furthermore, you can also see REAL's locks ensuring Siemens payphone security in Italy and Brazil.

    REAL's Vending Machine Lock For Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola's vending machines in Taiwan use REAL's tailored master key system for their machine security and management. Since each Coca-Cola vending machine requires two keys, one for maintenance workers and the other one for the machine regional managers, a three-level master key system were designed to solve the inconvenience of carrying large amounts of keys while ensuring the security of the machines. Because of the efficiency of the key system, other vending machine companies also applied REAL's master key system for solutions.

    REAL's Signal Control Box Lock For Mitsubishi. For high speed rail, signal control box's safety is extremely important when it operates at a maximum speed of 300 km/hr. Any damage to the signal control box would cause a disaster. Therefore, as Taiwan high speed rail's builder, Mitsubishi requested solid and unbreakable cam locks. After evaluating a few lock manufacturers, Mitsubishi selected REAL's cam locks to secure the signal control boxes. REAL's locks are required to pass several tests such as temperature tolerance test, humidity test, solidness test, etc.

    REAL Locks - The Key to the Real World.
    From the earth's extreme south, where there's an old lighthouse with a REAL padlock on it, to the extreme north, where banks are using REAL's safe deposit box locks, REAL's locks are sold to more than 130 countries worldwide and their achievements have been proven by their winning more than 40 international awards (IF, reddot, Golden Pin, Sold Secure, CE) and possession of 90 patents. Please Vist REAL LOCK's Website.

    REAL is a lock expert with 39 years of security lock experience and has been selling their locks to more than 130 countries worldwide. In 1972, REAL started manufacturing cylinder locks for banks in Europe and Asia, furniture and car companies in Americas and Asia, whoever needed cylinder locks installed. Unlike most lock makers, REAL also supply round, square and diamond shaped locks to provide various choices of locks. To enforce their strength, REAL's locks are all made of stainless steel and brass, and with CNC machine they are perfectly carved. In addition, REAL's stainless steel locker was once tested by the U.S. CIA with live ammunition to test its durability. Even 30 years ago, REAL's locks were already well-known for their sophistication and solidness. Later, REAL's realization of global competition made them take further steps and design a five-level master key system. The master key system contains more than 3 billion key codes and its grand master key is capable of opening more than 200,000 locks. It is favored by hotels, country clubs, furniture stores and gyms, wherever key management is required. REAL's complicated design of master key systems has already surpassed other lock giants in Japan, England, France, Italy, the U.S., etc.

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