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    Friday in France, is a charming, true story of a fish out of water story about a successful New York TV Production Exec that leaves the rat-race and insanity of Live-TV to go live with her French surfer- boyfriend, on an exceptionally small Atlantic Island in France. This charming and funny account, of turning one%u2019s life upside-down will shock and delight readers. From one extreme living situation to the polar-opposite, the observations are witty and sharp, allowing for character growth, evolution and a strong story-arc, as well as many surprising, laugh-out-loud moments.
    Reading Friday in France is like winning a free trip to Europe.
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  • Author Judy Block's Friday in France Earns Top Review
  • Humorous memoir gets a laugh with first official book review from a French-centric blog, French Village Diaries. Getting a book review can be critical for any author, especially first-time authors. This is a major stepping stone on the path to success for Friday in France, a humorous memoir about leaving it all behind.
  • December 16, 2015