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  • New children%u2019s book author Abe Rossi will soon be releasing his first book titled %u201CInventors Beware%u201D to get a first glimpse and to see other titles by this author go to http://aberossi.wordpress.com/

    I%u2019ts a series of stories about two well meaning, but totally bumbling inventors.
    They%u2019re names are Rufus and Wilbur, Wilbur being the more %u201Crational%u201D one.

    I began writing stories and poetry many years ago. At times, filling spiral bound notebooks with simple thoughts to be used at a later date. Even now, though quite proficient in the use of computers, I still pre-write all of my ideas in my notebooks. At that point, I type and save the result onto my computer.

    Life is my main motivation. What I see, hear and feel in my heart. Frequently, I write with children in mind, yet I also write for adults. I tend to write about all types of subject matter, however, the pieces I write that are of most importance to me are those that have some type of lesson or moral to be learned.
    I believe that what makes my stories unique and special is the fact that the tales are often told from the perspective of different animals. The story-poems typically have a lesson to be gained from how these animals work out their problems together. With regard to tales such as The Persnickerdies, I attempt to use imaginary creatures to help stir the imagination, as well as interest and excite the reader.

    I feel as though my words are applicable to both young and old alike. In particular, I feel confident that when these stories are read to young people, it will help to foster a dialogue between the reader and the listener. The use of rhyme for the method of delivery of my story-poems is quite intentional. Children seem to respond very positively to this approach. I truly believe that all can benefit from what can be learned through these tales.
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