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  • FranTech consists of core partners surrounded by interlocking networks of consultants and affiliates in key trading countries and disciplines. They have over thirty-five years of experience with their proven partners. In addition, FranTech has proven track records in assembling, negotiating and consummating trade, licensing, technological and financial agreements. They pool strengths drawn from experience in international trade policy, law, marketing, investment banking and technology research. This broad expertise, coupled with access to key governmental and business decision makers, provides services uniquely valuable in the development of global enterprise.
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  • LMM Global Innovations Inc Grants Licensing Rights to FranTech USA for High Technology, Computer-Driven Multiple Drug Dispensing Apparatus
  • The problem of dispensing multiple drugs for life-saving surgeries and on-going patient treatment has just become easier, quicker, more accurate and productive as a new technology is now available globally. LMM Global Innovations Inc has teamed with Global FranTech Group and its subdivision FranTech USA to market a newly patented multiple drug dispensing technology worldwide.
  • LMM Global Innovations Inc signed a non-exclusive Global Marketing Agreement with Global FranTech Groupô and FranTech USA International Licensing (Fra ...
  • November 02, 2013