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  • Krista Daly
  • 893 Patriot Dr., Suite D
  • Phone: 8054988188
  • URL:
  • ForaCare Inc. is a healthcare technology company dedicated to the design and development of medical devices and telehealth software as a means to provide a complete chronic disease management solution.
Foracare Inc. Press Release -

  • FORA Auto Temperature Measurement Station Provides Protection During COVID-19
  • ForaCare Inc. is announcing the release of their newest device, the Auto Temperature Measurement Station, which helps to serve the community during COVID-19. The ATMS indicates a fever within 4 seconds providing a safe environment for visitors and staff.
  • ForaCare Inc. has recently released the FORA Auto Temperature Measurement Station (ATMS), a non-contact temperature screening system that serves to pr ...
  • May 13, 2020