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  • Dustin Sterlino
  • Phone: 877-738-8686
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  • is your Proactive Service for locating your lost or stolen pet. We take a new innovative approach by contacting your neighbors for you by phone. This maximizes both time and effort during the CRITICAL hours after your pet has gone missing. Our service is unique in the aspect that we are not a database of lost pets where people see them only if they visit a particular site. As you will come to learn, the goal of is to act swiftly and effectively to get your missing pet back home! | Pet Alert Llc Press Release -

  • Missing Pet Service -
  • notifies your neighbors of your lost, missing or stolen pet by phone.
  • BRENTWOOD, Ca - Established in November2007 innovative Patent Pending pet finding service has quickly caught the eye of newspapers and news stations n ...
  • April 11, 2008