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  • Final Dave LLC is currently owned and operated by "Final" Dave Cline. They currently focus on Android app development.

    All of the following are true about Final Dave, except one:

    Final Dave once suffered a shark attack.
    Final Dave has been to Mount Doom.
    Final Dave once listened to Telepopmusik%u2010Breathe 42 times in a row.
    Final Dave was once kidnapped in France.
    Final Dave is an avid painter, runner, drummer, kickboxer, and chess player.
    Final Dave once had a body part signed by a famous actor.
    Final Dave's favorite joke is "Time." (he always laughs, but no one gets it)
Final Dave Llc Press Release -

  • Pattern Factory Boasts Ability to Both Entertain and Boost Brain Power
  • Unique puzzle game for Android devices vies for top place in educational entertainment sphere. Play 25 handcrafted levels, or unlock and play an unlimited number of computer generated ones, increasing your spatial reasoning skills as you play.
  • Today Final Dave LLC released Pattern Factory, a puzzle game for android devices. The company believes it can both entertain and sharpen the minds of ...
  • February 25, 2015