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Feria Mundo Anime Information
  • Juan Neder
  • Phone: 849 875 5433
  • URL: http://www.feriamundoanime.info
  • Event planners, we basicaly oirganize 3 or 4 events every year around the manga and comic world.
    Feria Mundo Anime is our main activity of the year , celebrating at the Dominican Republic, with over 4000 visitors every year.
Feria Mundo Anime Press Release -


  • Feria Mundo Anime 2013
  • This press release officilly anounces our yearly anime convention at the Dominican Repubic. Thounsands gathered to enjoy manga, aniem cosplay and japanese culture.
  • On 6 and 7 July, at the Salon independence of the Club of the armed forces, will take place the world Anime Fair 2013. This is the second edition of t ...
  • April 30, 2013