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  • Olive Swan, The Feminine Princess, Releases "Sensitive Femininity"
  • Olive has a passion to reconnect women back to “their inherit nature of femininity, as given by God to the Hebrews, so that they can be fulfilled in every way.” Feminine Women in the Lord that are Highly Sensitive are called Sacred Sensorials, according Mrs. Swan. With layers of sensitivities in a Sacred Sensorial, Sensitive Femininity expounds on them with Scriptures, diagrams, and Hebrew words.
  • Olive Swan, has written from the Hebraic perspective of Sensitivity of how to grow, nurture, and protect the nature of the daughters of God. Feminine ...
  • December 26, 2023
  • Olive Swan, The Feminine Princess, Releases Her 37th Book, Feminine Rhythm
  • Her new book, Feminine Rhythm has a plethora of pleasurable, creative, & fun activities for Feminine Women. Olive's book will assist Women in reconnecting to Divine Timing & Appointments in every aspect of their lives. From the body's cell to the celebration of relationships, Feminine Rhythm is a collection of 7 books plus a divine Calendar of God. Read, Play, & Rest to be Transformed.
  • Mrs. Olive Swan, aka The Feminine Princess, has complied a collection of 7 colorful books that she wrote, filled with fun activities on reconnecting t ...
  • May 12, 2022 
  • Olive Swan, The Feminine Princess, Releases Her 18th Book, Plumb Line on Femininity
  • Feminine Book Writer sums up the roots of Femininity in her 18th Book, Plumb Line on Femininity, This book will help women re-learn what their DNA already knows about being a woman.She discusses deeper levels into the birthing, nurturing, and blossoming of womanhood, than just surface rules and tips on how to be feminine.
  • Mrs. Olive Swan, aka The Feminine Princess, has written a book on who owns, defines, and expresses femininity. This book explores an ancient perspecti ...
  • November 19, 2020