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  • Amanda Johnstone
  • FBA China Sourcing C/O TCI China Limited, Office 1202B 148 Electric Road
  • Phone: 25783569
  • URL: http://www.fbachinasourcing.com
  • FBA China Sourcing is a complete service sourcing company for Amazon FBA sellers, based in Hong Kong. We have 25 years of hands-on experience in China-based manufacturing, specializing in custom-made electronics and accessories for the health, fitness and weight loss industries.
    Sourcing in China can be challenging for many Amazon FBA sellers, but with us as your professional sourcing specialist, it won%u2019t be. We understand the business of being an Amazon seller, leaving the client free to focus on marketing & finding new best-selling products.
    Our FBA Sourcing service allows the client to sit back and let us do all the work from finding manufacturers to delivering the product directly to the chosen Amazon warehouse. We take care of everything; from sample management to packing, labelling, certification, to the final shipment.
    Once the client has decided on a product and approved the sample, we will negotiate to get the very best price. We approach multiple suppliers of the same product to ensure the best quality and price. If the client has an existing supplier or a preferred supplier, we can enter into negotiations with them on its behalf to lower the MOQ and price.
    We personally carry out Dupro inspections on all products. We also arrange for third party final random inspections. Using certified inspection services means that the final product matches the approved samples and that all of the FBA-specific requirements are met.
    Shipment can be made to the client or directly to Amazon US/UK/CE fulfilment centres:
    Whether ex-factory, FOB or a full door to Amazon Fulfilment Centres Service is required, we have the expertise, using sea freight, air freight or couriers. For shipment to the Amazon warehouses we need to be provided with the Amazon shipping labels PDF.
    Through our freight forwarders we can also advise on the most suitable duty rates applicable to the destination country.

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