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  • Ryan Haynes
  • URL: http://www.farawayfish.com
  • Aroy Limited is the host company for farawayfish.com, incorporated in 2007. The organization was founded by Nick Annetts who created the website dedicated to people wanting to leave memories behind though emails and a personal profile when they die.

    farawayfish.com was created to make the most functional, secure, upbeat site about dying on the web. Aimed at normal people who love life and want to pass their experience on. farawayfish.com is based in the UK with directors and employees working remotely across the world. Users have the option of either free or paid for services. Utilising bespoke automatic email and sms trigger functionality allowing users complete control of their own conten
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  • Web Goes e-Mortal With Farawayfish Launch
  • Website gives users a third life
  • A website has been launched this week to give internet users the opportunity to become e-mortal and enjoy everlasting life.

    farawayfish ...
  • February 05, 2009