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Fantasy Author M.l. Ruscsak Information
  • Melisa Ruscsak
  • 1458 lucas north rd
  • Phone: 5674839024
  • URL: http://www.ofliteanddarke.my-free.website
  • Everyone has moments in their lives that define them. For me it was having not one but two strokes. Now I could have given up, however I chose to fight. A few years later becoming a published fantasy author.
Fantasy Author M.l. Ruscsak Press Release -


  • Stroke Victim Turned Author
  • Ohio native M.L.Ruscsak is proud to launch her fantasy book series "Of Lite and Darke".
  • A Fantasy Author, M.L. Ruscsak Announces the Release of Her New Book-The New Reign (Of Lite and Darke Book 1)

    Author and a mother M.L. ...
  • October 25, 2017