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Fancy Fix Information
  • Jenni Tran
  • 4886 Alpine Dr SW, Lilburn, GA
  • Phone: 770-6744894
  • URL:
  • Fancy Fix is a window film and adhesive plastics company specializing in home decor and energy saving. Our static window film, mirror / reflective window film, and tinted window film allow homeowners to affordably reduce heat and cold air loss from their home.
Fancy Fix Press Release -

  • Fancy-Fix Launches New Products to Save Energy In Weeks Following Earth Day 2015
  • Window static film and self-adhesives company provides homeowners with new ways to cut down on heat and AC loss, reduce energy costs, and be part of the planetary solution.
  • With the best interest of the planet Earth at the forefront of everyone's mind in April, ways to conserve energy and cut down on pollution are at a pr ...
  • April 27, 2015