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Fallen Lotus Petals Information
  • Jordon Papanier
  • 2001 Plaza Del Amo, #8
  • Phone: 3106000949
  • URL: http://www.FallenLotusPetals.com
  • Author of the novels Fallen Lotus Petals and Painted Faces. These are fast-paced FBI crime thriller series of books available on Amazon and Amazon Kindle. These are fictional FBI crime thriller novels about designer drugs, sex trafficking, plastic guns and personal struggles one FBI agents past. These are gritty and sometimes funny stories
Fallen Lotus Petals Press Release -


  • Novel Painted Faces now available on Amazon
  • This novel offers a cast of new characters that are full of bad guys that are beyond vile and good guys struggling to come out ahead. In this fast paced page-turner, readers are immediately pulled into a story of deceit, of a frenzied struggle to save lives, and one man's quest to make peace with his past.
  • The novel “Painted Faces” , now available on Amazon and Amazon Kindle, is the sequel to Papanier's first novel “Fallen Lotus Petals”. Painted Faces i ...
  • October 01, 2018