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  • Victoria Stinson
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  • Eyeforpharma is poised
    to facilitate the change of
    pharmaceutical business
    model that places the needs of patients at its centre, for
    affordable and accessible healthcare.
    As %u2018eye%u2019 for and on the industry, EyeforPharma therefore
    exists to help pharmaceutical companies stay clearly
    focused on the core reasons they exist, give them the
    strategic tools they need to be successful in truly serving
    patients with ingenuity and real value, and evolve and
    continue to innovate to meet changing healthcare realities.
    We have organised conferences and offered strategic
    advice for the pharma industry since 2002 and have grown
    by an average of 50% per year since then.
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  • When pharma met Key Account Management: from rocky beginnings to value-added relationships
  • 90 page + report 'Pharma Key Account Management' from eyeforpharma is the first instance that an extensive array of experience has been pooled on KAM in pharma which maps out a step by step guide to the information you need to improve customer relations and increase profit.
  • Pharma has traditionally resisted the implementation of Key Account Management (KAM) that sectors such as banking have embraced. Instead, a transactio ...
  • September 16, 2011
  • Pharma Emerging Markets: The New Gold Rush
  • eyeforpharma publish 60+ report on current and future healthcare expenditure, population fluctuations and optimum strategies for growth in BRICM countries.
  • Over the next five years overall expenditure in healthcare across BRICM regions is set to be over $360 billion whilst the population being served with ...
  • September 15, 2011