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Exosphere Inc. Information
  • Zechariah Blanchard
  • Orlando, FlL, USA
  • Phone: 4074946392
  • URL: http://www.exosphereinc.com
  • We are a small space research and development company located in Orlando, Florida. If you have ever looked up at the stars and dreamed of visiting them, we are on the same page. Our goal is to help you visit space in your lifetime. Space belongs to everyone.
Exosphere Inc. Press Release -


  • Author Releases New Book "Saltwater Fish and Reef Tanks" Free on Kindle
  • Saltwater Fish and Reef Tanks has had over a thousand downloads in the first few weeks. Zechariah Blanchard plans to change the hobby with his new book. This is a way for beginners to become experts in short order. The author has made the claim, his book could "save hundreds to thousands of dollars for the average aquarist."
  • The saltwater aquarium hobby has long needed a book to help beginners get through the initial onslaught of costs and headaches associated with saltwat ...
  • May 01, 2014
  • Exosphere Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for Open Hardware Space Shuttle
  • New space research and development company - Exosphere - launches indiegogo.com campaign to fund open hardware space shuttle project. This comes amid a growing number of projects dealing with space technologies utilizing this type of financing. The goal of their project is to open space up for the masses.
  • Florida based Exosphere has added to the ever growing list of companies seeking to fund space research and development through sites like indiegogo an ...
  • July 05, 2013