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  • EVenture Limited
  • Level 2, Lot 19, Lazenda Commercial Centre Phase 3
  • Phone: 60179890917
  • URL: https://hide.me
  • hide.me VPN - Trusted by more than a million internet users worldwide.

    We began our careers building secure infrastructures for governments and corporations, and in the process we learned a lot about the weaknesses in online communication. Today, this knowledge helps us create the ultimate high-bandwidth, privacy-centric online protection service hide.me - a service built for everyone.

    Security, speed and ease-of-use runs in our blood. After all, we have years of experience building and maintaining products and services. But we're also proud that hide.me stands for something much bigger in today's digital age - your privacy and freedom. As many products and services continue to violate these rights, we continue to fight for them. We do this because the choices we make now will effect the way the Internet will look and function in the future.
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  • hide.me Releases Its Free iPad VPN App
  • hide.me released a new iPad VPN app coupled with incredible features and highly-enhanced UI. So, now you can secure all your data and protect it with an unbreakable shield of hide.me on your iPad.
  • October 28, 2016