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  • Bart De Laat
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  • Eu Logistics Hub is an initiative to promote the logistics industry in the Province of Limburg, the Netherlands. Limburg has important advantages over other regions for logistics services. Such as a good tax environment, a strategical position in the middle of Europe and a long history in logistics. Advanced logistics, warehousing & distribution and air freight forwarding are our three key logistics concepts. It are the strongests concepts in our logistical services.
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  • Logistic Limburg on the global map with innovative website
  • Eu Logistics Hub is a new initiative to promote the logistics industry in Limburg (the Netherlands). It has now a new website, so come and find out about Eu Logistics Hub!
  • With the introduction of the Maastricht Region Branding Foundation commits to position Limburg on an international level ...
  • May 04, 2011