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  • Jonathan Walker
  • The Conifers, Palo Alto
  • Phone: 441 7783671246
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  • Essency innovate new ground breaking apps like Awareness! The Headphone App® and GunSonics!®
    Essency was founded by two music loving audio engineers who are old enough to remember the first Macs being wheeled into recording studios.
Essency Press Release -

  • New iPhone Hearing Protection App Shoots Down Electronic Ear Protectors
  • Safety of electronic ear protection designed for shooting probed, as audio app pioneers Essency launch GunSonics! An iPhone powered hearing protection app that sets a new standard in hearing safety for gun users who want to hear, talk and shoot without blowing their ears away.
  • Audio app pioneers Essency, publish a controversial hearing safety chart for electronic ear defenders designed for shooting, ahead of the release of a ...
  • November 06, 2013