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  • With a view to promoting the research advancement, Episirus Scientifica is committed to bringing together leading experts of medical professionals, researchers, engineers, and scientists. We aspire to keep the world abreast of changing dynamics of the scientific arena through our international conferences, events, and exhibitions. Our motive is to create a nexus of distinguished scholars, young researchers and industry experts to collaborate and harness the benefit of the scholars networking through our strong chain of academicians and market experts, we always strive to bring changes to our scientific events.
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  • 2019 World Cosmetic and Dermatology Conference
  • Episirus Scientifica welcomes all to attend the 2019 World Cosmetic and Dermatology Conference (2019WCDC) held from September 10 to 11, 2019 in Singapore. It will be a wonderful opportunity for all the participants as it provides an international networking opportunity to collaborate with world-class medical associations.
  • The Episirus Scientifica is proud to announce that its annual congress will be held in Singapore during September 10-11, 2019. In this very year, Epis ...
  • February 16, 2019