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  • Valentin Kowalchuk
  • URL: http://epfantasy.com/
  • Software solutions for Fantasy Sports integration for Online Casino, Gambling and Gaming platforms, Social tools and other Online systems.
    Our Fantasy Sports Solution Module - Explicit Profit for your Online Business.
    What we do? - We create fantasy sports applications with ELASTIC INTEGRATION into your online business.
    For whom? - Sports portals, Betting Companies, Online CASINOS, Gaming and gambling platforms, Social Networks of Sports Fans.
Ep Fantasy Press Release -


  • Fantasy Sports Solutions Releases a New Season-Long Framework
  • A lot of people who previously played traditional betting realized that their proficiency or selected strategy in fantasy sports is leading to success more frequently compared to traditional betting.
  • New Framework - more flexibility on better conditions

    As you all know, Fantasy Sports is still a trending phenomenon.

    Da ...
  • October 11, 2017
  • Collaboration EP Fantasy with Fantasy Sports Solutions
  • Great news, announcing expansion of Fantasy Sports market! Well-known Fantasy Sports software provider, Fantasy Sports Solutions, announces a big, prospective, complementary collaboration - or better saying - integration with B2B solutions provider EP Fantasy.
  • Fantasy Sports Solutions provides custom Fantasy Sports systems and tools based on scalable modular engine that has been developed during their wide a ...
  • October 18, 2016