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  • Rathan Roy
  • 9/1, Bhagat Singh Street-1, Velandipalayam Coimbatore - 641025 Tamil Nadu India 9042012011 emartcons
  • Phone: 919042012011
  • URL: http://www.emartconsulting.in
  • EMART EVENTURES is a Coimbatore (INDIA) based Business Strategy firm which offers Marketing Consulting Services to businesses and entrepreneurs. Our Marketing Consulting Services include Strategy Consulting, Digital Marketing, Content Writing, Content Strategy, Marketing Automation and Marketing System Re-alignment.

    We undertake CONTENT WRITING & CREATIVE WRITING works for
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    Business Content Strategy drives Digital Marketing and determines your Online Marketing success.
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  • Ecommerce Website Produx takes to Multi-pronged Approach to Gear Up Marketing
  • EMART EVENTURES, Coimbatore based Online Marketing firm is using multiple strategies for its multi-brand multi-vendor Ecommerce website Produx re-launch. The strategy helps local suppliers, vendors and stores to capitalize on the recent online shopping trends and increase their sales especially during the current corona lockdown and the economic slowdown.
  • May 14, 2020
  • Hotel Arcadia Group Enters Hotel Supplies Biz
  • THE ARCADIA HOTEL SUPPLIES is a new Hotel Supplies venture started by CR Hotels India Private Limited, Coimbatore, India which owns the Boutique Hotel Arcadia in Goldwins, Coimbatore.
  • May 17, 2017