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  • Chris Gunn
  • 145 %u2013 157 St John St London EC1V 4PY
  • Phone: 08001303255
  • URL: http://www.electraheat.co.uk/
  • Electra Heat is known across the UK for offering sophisticated heating products that help you experience their raw power and controllability. This company is known to stand out for exceptional customer service.Similarly, it is also known to offer long guarantees on all its electric radiator for home products
Electraheat Press Release -


  • Electra Heat Is Listed As One of the Best Companies for Selling Heaters and Radiators
  • Electra heat is one of those companies that have been making a wide range of different electric heating products that can help in keeping a home warm. One should always have a lot of options to choose when picking electric heaters and radiators.
  • London - when buying an electric central heating system, one has to be watchful of various factors as the onus should be on buying the best features. ...
  • February 22, 2013