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  • eezyimport is a startup company that accesses the vision of transparency, control and cost reduction for importers in customs clearance processes.
    The eezyimport service allows the US importer to clear his own goods by himself, online in the easiest and cost-effective way
    The importer can file an ISF and entry summary online Anytime, Anywhere
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  • eezyimport launched the only DIY online customs clearance platform for US importers
  • eezyimport, a US-Israeli startup company launched the first online DIY solution in the field of customs clearance for the SME US importers. The eezyflow application glides importers through regulatory customs approval, from ISF to entry summary, saving valuable time & money on every shipment.
  • The Israeli-US startup company eezyimport launched a unique customs clearance solution for the SMB US importers.
    For the first time, the eezy p ...
  • January 31, 2020