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  • Remy Peters
  • Phone: 31 6 21929749
  • URL: https://www.edy-marron.com/
  • Edy Marron was born in 1982 in the Netherlands. His love for music started when he was very young and he was just 13 when he bought his first music record from a small record shop in Den Haag. It was in the year 2001 that he started producing his own music with some turntable decks and a mixer.
Edy Marron Press Release -


  • Edy Marron Is Going To Release His New Song On My Way to You
  • Edy Marron, Netherlands based DJ and Music Producer and Artist is pleased to announce the release of his upcoming single “On My Way To You” on April 5th later this year.
  • The new track will be released on all major online music channels including Apple Music, Spotify, SoundCloud, etc. This track is believed to be a feel ...
  • March 18, 2020