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  • Founded in 2006, Ecovacs Robotics, is one of the top five brands of in-home robotics worldwide and is the #1 brand in China with a 65% share of the market. The company has been awarded 684 design and utility patents that include 66 international patents. Consumers have purchased millions of Ecovacs products worldwide, where they can be found in 31 countries on six continents.
    Ecovacs Robotics, and its four robot brands, is the only company that provides products in four segments of in-home robotics: DEEBOT (Floor Cleaning), WINBOT (Window Cleaning), ATMOBOT (Air Purification), and FAMIBOT (Entertainment & Home Security).
    The company employees more than 5,000 people worldwide.
Ecovacs Robotics Press Release -

  • Introducing the New Head of the Class DEEBOT 9 Series Floor Cleaning Robot from Ecovacs Robotics
  • The DEEBOT 9 Series will be available in early 2015 and has been dubbed as head of its class with state-of-the-art features including proprietary LDS multiple room laser mapping technology, SLAM navigation system, intelligent cleaning memory, a self-emptying dustbin, and smart phone / tablet control.
  • ECOVACS Robotics, the leading intelligent global home robotics expert, is revolutionizing the home robotics industry again with the introduction of th ...
  • January 08, 2015
  • New Functions of the DEEBOT 8 Series Robotic Vacuums Continue to Keep Ecovacs Robotics Ahead of the Competition
  • The DEEBOT 8 Series is a new line of innovative robots that consists of two distinct, fashionable bots; DEEBOT 80 (D80) and DEEBOT 83 (D83). Both DEEBOTs are powerful, versatile and can vacuum, mop and polish with one robot. Homeowners can stop planning a day for housework and relax while the DEEBOT 8 Series maintains clean floors for them.
  • Ecovacs Robotics, the leading intelligent global home robotics expert, will continue to change the robotic vacuum category with the debut of the newes ...
  • January 07, 2015