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  • Seham
  • 1200 Bay Street, Suite 202 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Phone: 4166457450
  • URL: https://ebseg.com
  • eBSEG "e-Business Solutions Enabling Group", is a Global premier solution provider for omni-channel eBusiness solutions. We are specialized in Omni Channel Platform since 2000 in North America and EMEA.
    We provide Customer Experience & Engagement OmniChannel Platform, CEEP%u2122, One UNIFIED Platform Addressing All Channels Seamlessly.
    eBSEG Omni-channel solutions include (Unified Solution Platform and Unified Customer Experience %u2013 No Learning between Channels) and initiate a transaction on a mobile or tablet device and complete it on another banking channel such as phone banking or ATM.
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